The team

Cédric Ringenbach


Cédric Ringenbach is an engineer from Centrale Nantes and the Director of The Shift Project. Before joining the Shift, he was a consultant and an entrepreneur. Cédric also gives conferences and trainings on climate and energy issues.



Anne-Caroline Duplat

Anne-Caroline is TSP’s Communications Manager. A graduate of McGill University and HEC Business School in Canada, she has over 9 years' international experience in communications and marketing in corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


Malika Khalloul


Malika holds a degree in foreign languages and has extensive experience as a trilingual assistant within high-profile law firms. As executive assistant for The Shift Project, she manages the organization’s administrative and accounting activities. 



Zeynep Kahraman


Zeynep graduated from the Istanbul Technical University and the Toulouse School of Economics, where she learned the essentials of Environmental Economics and acquired a strong background in economics and econometrics. At The Shift, she works on the « Energy Scenarios » project and is responsible for the development of the data portal.


Aurélien Schuller will spend a year working on the “Scenarios” project for the Shift before returning to Ecole Polytechnique to complete his 4th year and obtain his engineering degree. His knowledge of sustainable development economics and ecology will also be of great use to the think tank. 



Coralie Vidal

Coralie is the Shift’s Management and Communications Assistant during Malika Khalloul’s Maternity leave. A graduate from Toulouse Business School, Coralie has several years experience in communications across various business sectors and organizations. She is in charge of the Shift’s administrative and accounting functions, and contributes to a number of communications projects.


Gabriel Sauvage

Gabriel Sauvage will graduate from the CELSA - the communications school affiliated with the Sorbonne University - next September.  He joined the Shift as a communications intern and as such, assists our Communications Manager, Anne-Caroline. He also holds a language degree in Japanese, and lived and studied abroad in Japan and in the US.


Marion Denantes  

Marion holds a BA in international economics from Paris La Sorbonne and an MBA in carbon management from the University of East Anglia in the UK. She worked in Brussels for 5 years on EU environmental and energy projects, and spent 2 years in Paris working on carbon finance and Clean Development Mechanism projects. She is contributing to 2 projects at the Shift: “Energy Scenarios“ and “Responsibility and Capacity Indicator”.