The Shift in a few words


The Shift Project's presentation brochure:

TSP's presentation brochure


A single goal: to make the required shift to a carbon free economy to ensure stability, and therefore prosperity. 

A single belief: in a democracy, no great ambition can be realised if the entire economy militates against it. Therefore, to make any change desirable for the community as a whole, it is essential to convince a proportion of influential economic actors that the desired change will be in their interest over the medium term. The Shift Project’s aim is to bring these actors together.

A primary target group: the decision-makers of the global economy.

A starting point: documented observations and reports prepared on the basis of the very latest scientific knowledge in conjunction with experts in the field.

Added value: realistic and ambitious proposals to trigger the shift to a carbon free economy.

A distinctive profile: a management team from the business world, with substantial experience in the non-profit sector.