Contributing our own observations and proposals

The original creative work done by TSP in terms of observations and proposals is undertaken by largely self-sufficient working groups. The topics addressed by these groups may be initiated by the groups themselves or suggested by academic partners or other members. Nevertheless, topics must fall within the purpose of TSP (energy and climate constraint analysis and proposals for the shift to a carbon free economy), and address issues consistent with other current work and/or discussions. In accordance with TSP philosophy, they are conducted with all the attention to detail and transparency of reasoning demanded by the world of science.

A working group therefore seeks to answer a question for which there is currently no clear or summary response in scientific literature. It involves a number of specialists and experts, who, with the optional assistance of TSP staff, work with the common goal of producing an initial operable outcome within one year.

Every group is led by an autonomous project leader who works with the management team to agree the details of the issues to be resolved, the method to be used, the work schedule and the form of the deliverable. The Shift Project takes responsibility for logistics and group coordination, meets their expenses and provides access to its own network of experts. Nevertheless, validation of the final outcome remains the responsibility of The Shift Project. Naturally, all major conclusions and/or proposals are communicated in the appropriate way.