High ambitions for a successful transition

When he spoke at the national environmental conference last month, French President François Hollande referred to experts as crucial players in the country's ecological transition. By stating that expertise must be both independent and pluralistic, he sent a positive message to think-tanks like ours. Scientific facts and high-level expertise are the backbone of The Shift Project's work, and we will be happy to contribute to the national debate which will unfold over the next 6 months. In this article, TSP comments a selection of topics in the government's roadmap.  

Long-term investing: mission impossible?

The energy 'transition' will require massive investments in the real economy. Can the financial world evolve to restore trust and engage in long-term perspective? Drawing on a review of investment in UK equity markets, Pr. John Kay will present his recommendations at a Finance Watch conference on October 17th.  

A carbon-free Europe is a peaceful Europe

A pacified Europe is one which places energy at the heart of its system. It is the only way forward, argue  Jean-Marc Jancovici, President of The Shift Project and Christophe Sanson, Senior lecturer at the Sorbonne and leader of the Shift's project on European Treaties. Read their opinion piece in French economic daily Les Echos.

The Shift featured in the CAS policy brief on oil prices

The recently published policy brief on “increasingly volatile and sustained high oil prices”  by the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique tackles the peak in oil production and its probable negative consequences on the economy. The brief features the Shift with a graph showing past projections in relation to effective world oil demand.

Enhancing information through data visualization

climate chains - ecosystemsEarlier this month, the Shift hosted a seminar on data visualization (“dataviz”), with a focus on best practices among climate and energy applications. The outcome? A rich array of tips, tricks and tools shared by the small group of professionals and enthusiasts who participated in the seminar. We have summed it all up in this article so read on and click away!

Carbon constraint and mortgages

Mobility and heating are both considered "constrained" types of expenditure and are likely to place vulnerable households in difficult situations. This has been the subject of a number of recent TV reports covering oil price increases. Bankers currently don't take the carbon constraint into account when granting mortgages. The Shift Project's proposal is thus aimed at changing the criteria used by banks when granting housing loans in order to preserve household solvency.

Is the Green GDP a flawed index?

green gdpIn an opinion piece published in French economic daily Les Echos, Pierre Lachaize, head of the Indicator project at the Shift, argues that the Green GDP (or "inclusive wealth index") is too much of an aggregator to achieve sustainable development.  

"Big oil" against "peak oil"

big oil peak oilFollowing the publication of Leonardo Maugeri's report in which the former head of italian oil giant ENI makes an optimistic analysis of oil production by 2020, expert Olivier Rech provides a solid counterargument in a blog featuring graphics from The Shift Project's data portal.  

Sign the call to stop subsidizing pollution

The Climate Action Network (RAC-F) and Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l'Homme (FNH) call for a stop to subsidies which favor pollution and the creation of a fiscal system integrating ecological concerns. Join The Shift Project and many other signatories to carry the message forward!  

Does the debate around electric vehicles boil down to electricity-induced emissions?

On June 19th, The Shift Project invited a panel of experts to discuss the issue of mobility in a carbon-constrained world with a focus on the electric vehicle. A summary of all 4 interventions (by Carbone 4, the CEA, Renault and Cofiroute) as well as videos of the conference are available online (in French).