2014 - Yes, we can... Shift!

Carte de voeux - TSP 2014The Shift Project wishes you a happy and productive new year! We look forward to pursuing our work with you in 2014 in order to achieve a carbon-free economy.    

Rogeaulito, published in the scientific revue "Frontiers" in Open Access!

Frontiers"Rogeaulito", the world energy scenario modeling tool developped by The Shift Project has been published in the scientific revue "Frontiers" in Open Access!

Scientific seminar at "Les Houches" – February 2014

Séminaire scientifique Les Houches 2014The Shift Project is one of the organizers of a scientific seminar to be held at the school of physics in "Les Houches", Haute-Savoie (France) from February 2 to 7, 2014.

Executive summary of the new IPCC report on climate change is released

Sortie du résumé aux décideurs du 5ème rapport du GIECThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released on September 27th the executive summary of the first volume of the panel’s fifth assessment report on climate change. This 20-page summary intended for major political and economic decision makers is the prelude to the full official version to be published in January 2014.

Discovering equity indicators

Article Indicateurs d'équité In a complex and highly charged debate, climate negotiations are often blocked over the question of how to share between countries the efforts to limit global warming to an increase of 2 °C at the end of this century. High-quality quantitative equity indicators exist to define this reference framework to allow a fair worldwide sharing of efforts to respond to the climate change challenge.

Martin Bouygues comes out in favor of the energy transition and supports a key proposal from The Shift Project

Martin BouyguesMartin Bouygues, CEO of the Bouygues construction group, voiced support for the energy transition in an opinion piece published September 19th in the economic news daily Les Échos (Paris). As recommended by The Shift Project in its report on thermal renovation of buildings, Mr. Bouygues is in favor of “a minimum level of binding measures” to get things moving in this direction.

Geneviève Ferone awarded the Legion of Honor, France's highest decoration

Geneviève FéroneThe Shift Project’s Vice-President, Ms. Geneviève Férone, was awarded the Legion of Honor (France’s highest decoration) on July 14th. Bastille Day, the French National Day, is traditionally the occasion to receive people of extraordinary merits into the order.

An improved and enriched Version 2 for the TSP Energy-Climate Data Portal

Mosaïque Data PortalThe Shift Project launched the new version of its energy-climate data portal in late May. The site offers better graphics, and simpler and more intuitive navigation.

French public and business leaders in favor of energy transition according to national survey

Résultats de l'enquête sur la transition énergétiqueThe results of a nation-wide public opinion poll on the views of French people and French business leaders on the energy transition were made public on June 12th. Conducted by the European Climate Foundation and the French Economic, Social Affairs and Environment Council, the survey reveals that 85% of French people and 81% of corporate leaders consider the transition “urgent”, with both groups perceiving the environmental stake as central and the transition’s benefits as increasing over time.

Meadows and the waste problem: French translation of a 1974 chapter titled “The dynamics of solid waste generation”

Meadows-The dynamics of solid waste generationIn 1974, Dennis Meadows and his MIT research team published a book titled “Towards global equilibrium: the collected papers”, which has never been translated into French. Christophe Mangeant, an engineer at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, translated the book’s chapter (number 7) which focuses on the issues surrounding waste produced by our economic model. “Towards global equilibrium” is the sequel to Meadows’ highly controversial and acclaimed 1972 publication, “The limits to growth”.                               …