Bjorn Lomborg changes his mind

Bjorn Lomborg is a statistician, a professor at the Copenhagen Business School and the former Director of the Environmental Assessment Institute of Copenhagen. He became famous for his book, the Sceptical Environmentalist (1998, 2001 for the English version) where he defended the following thesis: human activity is not responsible for global warming, which is overestimated.

Military Study Warns of a Potentially Drastic Oil Crisis

Bundeswerh reportA study by a German military think tank, the Future Analysis department of the Bundeswehr Transformation Centre, has analyzed how "peak oil" may change the global economy. For the very first time, an institution such as the Bundeswehr, the German military, uses the term "peak oil" at all, showing how carefully the German government has considered a potential energy crisis.  Files:  der_speigel_article.pdf bundeswehr_study.pdf

Launch of Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation

Ellen Mac ArthurThe Ellen MacArthur Foundation was launched last Thursday (09/02/2010) in London. The famous skipper recalled to the attendees the main steps of her career, how she decided that the see was going to be her job, then the first races that she won, the first sponsor who believed in her and finally the world record for a single handed circumnavigation in 2005.